Collingwood Painter Feature: Phibs Takes Flight

With our love for painting Collingwood homes, we admire various forms of art and take pleasure in showcasing local art in Melbourne’s neighbouring suburbs. Today, we are putting the spotlight upon Collingwood and its rich history in street art. For years now, Melbourne has held a vibrant scene with graffiti, murals, and other urban artwork adorning its streets. Within this scene emerges an artist known as Phibs–a household name possessing talent that seeps into their style resulting in captivating works. Recently commissioned to work on his grandest avian mural yet for Collingwood locals to savour forevermore. As someone devoting myself to renovating homes within the vicinity of Collingwood through paintwork designs – it only feels right that I explore the world of street artist – Phibs. Phibs: An Expert Mastermind of Street Art Born in Sydney already marked as notable visual street artists has recently made Melbourne home. Phibs possess qualities requiring years of mastery gained from working on graffiti designs/murals and developing his craft. Organic shapes combine flawlessly complemented by lively shades tied together by intricate details so you never have to fear monotony or ordinary artistic styles again!
Phibs derives his artistic inspiration from an amalgamation of diverse sources, including nature, spirituality and cultural influences, to create visually stunning artworks that invite viewers to ponder and dream. Through his distinct style and unique approach, he has established a permanent spot in the street art landscape of Melbourne. Collingwood sets out as a picturesque blank canvas for Phibs’ most recent work of art. This suburban region situated within Melbourne boasts of its rich artistic heritage emanating from its vibrant culture. It serves as a hub for various local and international street artists who come together to showcase their talents in the community’s streets and alleys. With time, Collingwood’s walls have evolved into an ever-changing gallery that presents distinct artistic expressions. By selecting Collingwood as the site for his incredible bird-themed mural, Phibs shows how vital this area is within Melbourne’s world-renowned street art scene.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy: Phibs’ grand mural in Collingwood leaves a lasting impression on the landscape of Melbourne’s street art scene. Beyond its visual impact, it becomes a part of the fabric of the community, telling a story and leaving a legacy for future generations to admire. The mural serves as a reminder of the power of art to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and ignite imagination.